Planner Assignment & Due Date Notifications Now Available!

Steel Contributor

Planner task-assignment notifications and task due notifications have been marked "completed" on Uservoice, and they look like they are now available in all of my tenants! I've been waiting since Planner launched for these features.


Here's what the task assignment notification email looks like:



And the new notification settings, which you can find under the gear and "notifications":


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Yes, I can see in my tenant. This is good to see as new features coming in.
Interesting, I don't have this settings on my tenants yet
Has this been rolled out to all users in the meantime? I seem to only have the ability to change some (planner unrelated) notification settings after clicking on my name - Settings - notifications.

@Stephan Swinford 

If a task is past the due date, how frequently do reminder e-mails get sent? 

Daily, weekly, monthly? 



@Stephan Swinford is it possible to get information mails also with an Exchange hybrid setup with on-prem mailboxes?