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Is it possible to list all plans in the planner hub using the API?  It looks like it wants a group id.{group-id-with-plan}/planner/plans



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It is not possible to retrieve all the plans directly without using group-id. But you can reterive the user's favorite plans using the below API.

Thanks.  I was asked to get all the plans out to do some reporting.  Would I be able to use flow to capture certain aspects of the plan and send it into another source that I could use for this kind of reporting?

This article by Brian Smith looks like it has everything I need.


Microsoft Planner: Considerations for Reporting–Part 1


Thanks again for your help.

My requirement is the pull the report of Assignee .. Task Name and ID when I give the Planner Name. 


In-order to achieve, i found that we need to iterate the Group ID.. then Plan ID... and then get all task details.


I was trying to iterate the Group ID from$filter = displayName eq 'Planner Name' where I got the details. From this query, i gave my input for where it works in Graph Explorer API but when i tried through PowerShell IDE. It throws 401 unauthorized. I tried to re-authorize again through Connect-PNPOnline it works but didn't help me in PowerShell IDE. 


Could you someone help me out. whether nested looping group ID, Plan ID is possible.

t is possible - but there is an assumption that you have permission on all the plans - sounds like this might not be the case if you get a 401.  I think there are plans for a reporting API at some point that will help with a lot of these types of requests.  UserVoice is a good place to register your interest. 

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