Planner API keeps timing out

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Starting around 7/31, our Planner API started timing out to the point that we cannot finish a run. We had successfully manually run the request around 9 am, but that did not even work yesterday. We were running the API at 5AM, so we changed it to 3AM. We have also increased the number of attempts. Our plan is very, very big. Since March 2019, we've been using it as a critical part of our request management system, connected by flow to other Microsoft products, with around 150 users and over 5000 requests).


The issue appears to be from an unhandled exception and some of the requests were timing out because of the large number of requests. We use the API for critical reporting and visibility. We've noticed the time it occurs at is exactly 1 hour. Is it possible it is related to the token expiring?


Any Suggestions?

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@Shiann Weiss - Since no one answered this, I will answer it. We used the Planner API and pulled all the detail that we could, I save that info in a spreadsheet for my reporting and we then used the API to remove 75% of the old records. Before then, the API was timing out and we made a few adjustments but it was wishy washy. In short, Planner API can't handle it, you have to reduce your tasks.