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Hello We currently have an excel spread sheet that details the various projects we are working on from an EIA and approvals process. The spreadsheet details the project, project code, the Project Manager, the EIA Officer managing the project, what stage the approvals or project is at and the amount of time being spent on the project per month. Snippet Below. Is this something that can be transferred over to planner (Task list)? We need something to establish teams projects, workloads, as well as assign the project to another officer if someone is on leave or take up another role.



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I would say No because Planner cannot be customized to add additional fields and if you need a kind of approval mechanism, you will need to create a Power Automate Flow

@MelissaPeake It is not possible with PLanner. But you can create custom fields for Planner and import tasks from Excel using third party apps

Although the feature to automatically import tasks from Excel is not available, I understand it is possible to export the Excel Table to Planner using Microsoft Flow.

After creating the Plan, it would be necessary to create a Instant Flow:
List Rows > Apply to each > Create a Task on Planner

The fields available on Flow and which should be present on the Excel Table are Task Title, Due Date, Start Date and Responsible.