Plan freezes after creating some tasks

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Hi there,

One of our Planner users is having though time updating her Plan. She created a big Plan for her department with 11 buckets and over 140 tasks. Every time she needs to update it (normally once a month), Planner freezes after a couple of minutes and she needs to restart the App. She tried Firefox and Chrome (no Edge, thank you) and she still has the same problem. She has a new laptop and uses Windows 10. Any idea on how to make her experience better. She is one of our early adopters and we really want her to have a good experience. Thanks. Hector

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Well, while it's true the Plan is quite big it doesn't sound to me it's reaching any Planner limit. So best that can be done here is to open a support ticket to confirm if theare are or not any limits reached here

Thanks Juan Carlos.

I agree with you. The Plan is big, but it's not crazy big. It's going to be hard to replicate the issue with Microsoft. Hey, Microsoft, work on a big Plan until it freezes ;) I'm wondering if Planner has some kind of "timer" that makes it stop working after a certain time. Just wondering. Thanks for your help.

If this is a big plan, mine must be gigantic!

I’ve got a plan with about 50 buckets and each bucket has 1 to 9 tasks a piece and each task contains an average of 6 or so checklist items and all tasks also have two or more labels. Continuing on, every task has a decent sized description!
Meant to add, that I do have performance issues and posted that here: