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Hello fellow Planner users,


If I understand correctly, it is not possible (yet) to choose a plan color.

This is not a big problem, but...


When I open Planner, the Planner hub very briefly (about a second) shows the plans with contrasting colors.

After a second or so, all the Plan colors change into reddish/magenta hues with very little contrast.


Why is this happening?

How can I default to contrasting colors?


Thanks in advance for your help,


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Well, don't know what could be happening in your case but you don't have a way Today of specifying what colors use in Planner

i've got the exact same problem. I log in the colors are normal but after 0,5 second they become red all of them. 


@Jim Voorzee 

@Jim Voorzee the same is happening to me.