Ordering of "Recent Plans" change on every click

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Every time I select a plan under "Recent Plans", then that plan moves to the top of the list. This makes it very difficult to browse through multiple plans from "Recent Plans" as the ordering of the list effectively changes for every click, make it very hard to find the mental "next" plan in the list.


So let's say today I want to go through my plans to see what's going on.. I start with the first one, all good, then click the second one, which instantly reorders to becomes the first one. I have to hunt around for the third one (now ordered below the first one), which then again becomes first.


This behaviour is the same on the web and on the Android app, where it is even more confusing as you see the reordering take place when you go "Back". So "Recent Plan" screen is busy and constantly re-organizing instead of static - making it very hard to go through multiple plans.



The ordering of "Recent Plans" is not important and can be updated daily/reload rather than on every click. Only if a plan that is not in Recent Plans have been accessed, then it makes sense that it is added - perhaps at bottom of list? (if list is full, animate away the oldest item)



The only workaround I have so far is to always click the bottom of the list - this also keeps the ordering the same as they are shuffled from back to front.

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