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Do let me know if this is not the right place for my request.


Do you think it is possible to have an option in the Planner comments not to send notifications to the group and maybe also allow user to select who the comments notification needs to send to? 

For example: the team might already have a weekly stand-up to review the previous task at hand, notification might only be needed for some focal issue for selected team members throughout the week?



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Hi @Kim Kheng Tan , The product group released an update to comment notifications and plans @ 


Please review this to see if it matches your scenario.

To add to ben's comment, notifications in Planner are not granular at all and you have two places to set up them:
- At the Planner level
- At the Group level
General notifications settings is an all / nothing setup...each user of course can configure notifications (at the Group Level at least) in the way they need
Thanks for that, we can work with that. Cheers @ben_project