Office 365 Planner Add-ins Business Collection - Work seamlessly across O365.

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Office 365 Planner offers people a simple and highly visual way to organize teamwork. Planner makes it easy for your team to create new plans, organize and assign tasks, share files, chat about what you’re working on, and get updates on progress. But it all has to be done from the Online Planner, and this is just not the way we work.


After having a success with the iPlanner Outlook Add-in for Outlook, we decided to make a Planner Business Collection with the purpose of making it easier to work with Planner Tasks seamlessly across some of the Office 365 services.


iPlanner Business Collection. You'll get additional tools that will enable you to manage your tasks and projects seamlessly across O365. From Outlook, Groups, Group calendar, Planner to SharePoint Online. On top of that you will be able to manage tasks and resources with your most favorite tool, Excel.


The Business Collection will offer:

  • iPlanner Pro Add-in for Outlook
  • iPlanner SharePoint Online app part
  • iPlanner Excel Add-in

The question is, what else will enhance the usage of the Office 365 Planner?


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Some things that will make Planner very effective in a Business is:


  • integration with Excel:  allow the planner to export to excel will allow a way to anaylize the task in a pivot table which will give it the reporting capabilities that is missing from planner
  • Allow more than one assignment per tasks
  • allow printing from the program
  • make the charts more interactive
  • there should be a way to archive tasks - by dates would be great.
  • add a not completed status and have it included in the reporting

We recently discovered Planner for our business, but we want to use it for more of a goal setting planner.

Please please please find a way to import from Trello. We would move across now but I cant lose that archive

Hi Donna


Thank you for great input.

  • The Excel integration you will have with iPlanner Excel Add-in. It is currently in validation at the Office Store. I expect it will be avilable in start January. A preview -
  • I belive Microsoft is currently working on allowing to assign a task to more tan one
  • Printing, could you do that from Excel? fx a GANTT chart?
  • Interactive Charts, GREAT IDEA, I would say Excel and POWER BI. That is also something we are looking at. Might be in february.

Beside that, did you try the iPlanner Pro Outlook Add-in? I would very much like feedback on that Add-in.


Thank you.



Hi Jim


Very interesting. I did not think of that. Let me look into it and see if it is possible.



Thanks for your response.  I have just downloaded the Outlook add-in and find it very useful to manage the tasks.  I am looking forward to the excell add-in because I feel that will give me the reporting mechanisms needed to make this a powerful (goal) planning tool. 



Hi Donna


The iPlanner Excel add-in is now avilable at the Office Store 


Please feel free to contact  me on if you are interested in an Excel Template for GANTT chart.

I have installed the Addin for Excel Planner.  It is GREAT and provides us with the reporting capabilities I need 

Hi Donna


I am happy to hear that. I wanted to attach a GANTT template for Excel. But apperently this blog don't support uploding attachments with excel file extention. If you send an email to I will send you the GANNT template.


All you will have ti do is the follwoing. Use the add-in to get your tasksinto Excel. Simply copy the data from the table and past it into the table with the GANTT chart.


I would appriciate any suggestions for improvment.


I would also appriciate it if you could be so klind as to make a review in the Store -





I need a couple of things to be able to use Planner for projects at work. One is a Gantt chart, the other is the ability to print. I see that you have an Excel add-on, I will look at that to see if that helps. 



Hi Virginia


If you send an email to ( I will send you the GANTT template.