Number of Task limits

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We have a team that is using Planner and has about 5000 tasks created every 15 days, we need this limit to be increased in the current version.


Also, there should be one action in the Microsoft flow that can delete completed tasks from the planner.

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Unfortunately you cannot increase the number of Tasks you can have in a Planner Plan....the existing limit is by design so once you reach it, you might need to create a new Plan

@Juan Carlos González Martín do you have a link to an article describing the planner limits?

There was a thread here about Planner limits and Planner team deliberately refused to disclose current limits as they are working to expand them. They planned to release new limits at some point, but i don't know if they did.

Like here. They remove the 250 tasks per user per plan limit and say you can now have thousands of task, but they don't say an exact number and still talk about disclosing limits someday.

Very confusing tactic from MS team.
As Oleg K has said, unfortunately we don't have an official document with Planner Limits, something that is not understandable knowing Planner is part of Office 365 and for other services / solutions we have the limits quite documented (Teams, SPO)