Notification when a task in planner is marked as complete

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Dear all,

we are using MS-Planner to assign tasks and i was hoping, that i would get an email notification, when a task has been marked as complete.

a) Is this feature in general provided by planner ?

b) Is this only a setting issue ? If so - what could it be.


As far as i know, when you assign a task in outlook, its working the way, but not in planner.

I was somehow expecting, that each affected person, that the sender or receiver would be informed about any change on the task, immaterial what the change might be.

Thanks for any kind of feedback !

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The short answer is that when a Task is completed, Planner should send an e-mail...but to be honest, I have not seen this working for ages.

@Juan Carlos González Martín This flow is not working for me.  


I have a form that flows into a Planner.  When the Planner task is completed, I would like an email sent to the person that submitted the Form, however, it doesn't let me link to that information.  I then tried to send an email to myself when the task is complete and it says the flow is successful, but the email doesn't arrive.  Frustrating

@RobertO20  Unfortunately it's not a setting.  We needed this, so we created a Flow with Power Automate, which makes a Teams post to the general channel, when a task in the Planner is completed; and also sends an email to our Team manager with that same information.  There was already a template for this available in Power Automate, so it wasn't too complicated to adjust for our needs.

@DeannaPM  thank you for your reply. Yes, that would be for sure a workaround when using flow. I will play around with it maybe it brings me closer to the solution. Thanks again.

@RobertO20 Thought I would just pop the link to the PowerAutomate flow that is mentioned for future people