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There is a way to send a push notification on Teams if a new task is created??

Ive seen you could get a email, or it get a push notification when the task is assigned.

But i would like to see if there is a way to send a notification to all the members when a task is createad or available.

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Hi @willnuez 


I'm unaware of getting Teams notifications from planner natively (although the options do mention Teams, I can't see anything in MS documentation - upcoming feature maybe?)


You may be able to get this working via Power Automate - looking on the templates there are a number of Planner/Teams flows already that you may be able to tweak.



When you’re assigned a task you will be notified in Teams! For more custom notification, you need to use power automate. As mentioned also, there’s a few templates already set up you can use on the fly!