Not receiving Planner comments in Outlook inbox


I used to receive all task comments in my Outlook inbox but this functionality seems to be broken. Now I might receive 1 out of 10 comments in my inbox, or none at all some days. I would like to at least receive a desktop notification when a new message arrives in the Planner group.


Any help would be appreciated.



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I would recommend to check if Planner notifications are properly set and also if something in regards of Groups notifications has been changed

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

In Outlook I am following the group and I don't see anything in group settings that could explain the issue (see screenshots).


 Following group.png

Group settings.png

Hi! I'd recommend checking your Planner notification settings as well. Here's more info on how to do this: Does that help?
That’s a great summary page of notifications!! Haven’t come across that one before!


@Joanna Parkhurst 


Thanks for the link. Both these options are not working for our team: PLANNER EMAILS 1.pngPLANNER EMAILS 2.png

Basically I just want people to receive all comments in their inboxes for tasks that are assigned to them.


We are all following the group in Outlook.


@kombaiah Murugan 

According to the article you linked "users will no longer receive comment notification emails in their inbox for tasks they have never commented on". This makes no sense to me. What if I ask a question in the comments such as "what is the status on this task?". The user will never receive the email because they haven't previously commented on the task.


By this logic, every person will need to add a comment as soon as I create a task just so they don't miss any comments that may be directed towards them.


Did I understand this correctly?


@Jason Drew 


Yes you are correct. Actually Planner team changed this behavior as feature request but the same thing is breaking your scenario.

Hope some other experts put their comments here...otherwise you can ask this request in user voice forum


This change is breaking my teams work flow - we had a great process and here we are following our established process but folks are receiving Planner task comments for new tasks (unlike before). I'm asking for statuses on tasks and no one is receiving them because they haven't previously commented.


Ugh - now I have to seperately IM, email, call and can no longer capture this in the Planner task comments!


Please revert this back and add a setting for users to toggle this if they don't like it instead of breaking it for everyone.


@Jason Drew I am having the same issue. It's crazy that the assigned to person has to comment in case to receive email notification. How do we find out if MS is working on this bug?


@prhora @HustleFlow @Jason Drew


Hi everyone - the article linked by @kombaiah Murugan is accurate in describing the expected behavior for comments. Every task comments always triggers a mail to the group mailbox, and one of the top complaints we received from customers was how Planner comment emails would also appear in their personal inboxes, creating unwanted clutter. This was because these users were following the group, using the group like a DG for team communications and task comments weren't relevant to them. Since unfollowing the group wasn't an option, the ask was to stop sending comment emails to users' inboxes. 


Our change prevents task comment emails from appearing in personal inboxes, even if you are following the group, however all task comments will continue to be sent to the group mailbox. 


@HustleFlow If you had the ability to @ mention someone in the comments (triggering a notification directly to the person) - would that solve your scenario around asking for updates?


For others on the thread, was there a specific use case you wanted to achieve by having all task comments going into every team member's personal inbox? We received a lot of feedback that most tasks were only relevant to 1 or 2 people and having the entire team get a comment email in their inbox was too broad an audience and intrusive for those who didn't care about the task.


It's unfortunate that our change impacted your scenarios, and I thank you for the feedback. Understanding how you used this feature with your team will help us figure out how to improve so we can enable your scenarios while ensuring we minimize the noise for those who didn't want comment emails in their inbox.


@Charlie Tran  Instead of sending all comments to every person in the team, why not only send comments to the personal inboxes of those who are assigned to a specific task?


The ability to @ mention someone would be nice too.

I agree! The combo of having those assigned to specific task and ability to @ mention someone would be so helpful!
PLEASE add ability to add @ mention and send comments to personal inboxes to those who are assigned to the task card!

@prhora This is THE single biggest gripe we have about planner.  If I assign a task to someone and then add a comment asking for an update, they do not get a prompt unless they have commented.  This means that if they have not realised that they need to do something yet then I will have to chase them by other means; thereby completely negating the benefit of using planner if I need to email them anyway. 


The other point is that why send email notifications?  Surely the aim of planner, teams etc is to reduce email traffic - why not get notifications in planner/teams/to do instead?


Asana uses a system whereby tasks have primary assignees and followers.  The former is the person who currently has something to do on the task.  The followers are just there to be cc'd in effectively to keep them in the loop.  This would be a useful tweak to planner too which would mean that individual task lists could be configured to show just tasks that they are the primary assignees to but they would continue to receive notifications of task updates on tasks where they are followers too.


@Charlie Tran 




Are there any new updates on this? As a few people have said previously, it does not make sense that a person/people assigned to tasks need to first comment on the tasks before they will get notifications of comments in their inbox. I can understand applying that settings to members of the group who are not assigned to the task, but the task owner and assignee should get all notifications, unless they expressly turn them off.


Also are there any updates for using "@" mentions in tasks comments? This would be a very helpful feature. 


My company is in the process of adopting teams, and I know this comment issue is one of the things that's gonna make them question planner/teams again...


Hi there, 
would also be interested in that. Couldn't agree more with everyting that has been said so far. 
In my opinion the best solution would be to send those comments to the people assigned to a specific task. The "@mention" is also nice but secondary. 


@Charlie TranPlease give serious considerationt to implementing @Jason Drew's suggestion!




@Charlie Tran I chime in with others. We really need the owner/assignee to get all notifications.


@jackfight wrote:

Are there any new updates on this? As a few people have said previously, it does not make sense that a person/people assigned to tasks need to first comment on the tasks before they will get notifications of comments in their inbox. I can understand applying that settings to members of the group who are not assigned to the task, but the task owner and assignee should get all notifications, unless they expressly turn them off.




@Jason DrewFor months I've been trying to figure out why I'm not receiving notifications for any of the tasks I'm raising. I've only just found out that it's been broken in Teams deliberately after reading this thread!


Having to put a comment in a task to receive notifications is super dumb as people who have been assigned to the task but haven't yet commented miss important updates. Please revert the change back so that everyone who is assigned to a task receives notifications by default as per Jason Drew's suggestion.

As anyone figured any kind of work around for this problem? Maybe utilizing MS flow?

@Charlie Tran 


Can we get an update on the fix to make it where the person the task is assigned to gets notified of all comments on their task by default? 


@dquarrell Seems like it should be a no-brainer.

it seems we're speaking a deep, dark, abyss. someone at microsoft, hello!?

@lisatkI agree with you a 100%. I don't think they even mentioned changes in planner in this year's ignite, though I could be wrong about that and maybe I missed it. 


Thanks to all for the input and suggestions, it's very appreciated! We definitely hear the feedback that this experience needs to be improved, specifically those assigned to a task should be updated on comments to their tasks.


Unfortunately I don't have an update to share at this time, but I can say this is something our team is continuing to work on and it's not something we've forgotten about. As soon as I have an update, I'll make sure to update this thread.


@Charlie Tran Great to hear! Appreciate the update and hope to see another one soon :)


@Jason Drew  This is so frustrating, I have been trying to implement MS teams and planner in my department in the past weeks and this pretty much renders all my effort futile.


@jdrapialt Teams has truly become an amazing tool, I highly recommend it. Planner still has a long way to go however. I just read all task comments through Outlook since we are just a small team for the time being. I can see how this would be unfeasible for a large team though. 


@Charlie Tran Hi Charlie and thanks for this update. I know you said it is ongoing but do you have a view on whether this is something that will take weeks, a few months, 6 months?  The frustration is that it would seem to be something that can be quickly fixed?  Just give users the option regarding what updates to receive and how?


Our plan is to roll out planner across our whole organisation but we are reticent to do so until this is fixed because colleagues are screaming out for us to move to slack, asana or trello and we are having to appease them on a promise it will get fixed soon.


If you look at the uservoice forum there are dozen of requests about this issue which, if you merged them, would be the No 1 request by some way I suspect.


The whole development of teams etc is great but to use an analogy, it feels like you are designing a car and busy designing ultra cool luxury gadgets for it rather than ensuring that the gear box works properly!


@Charlie Tran how difficult could be to add the @function, this will definitively solve the issue, of course is better to send the notification to the ones involved in the task, but doing a manual work of tagging people it is fine and in Team Desktop is working, so why don't just replicate in planner the same for the comments?, please urgent support adoption is at risk at this point due this functionality, currently I need to send emails to check on progress, so make not sense to use planner if I need to use outlook.

Any update and even better prompt solution would be appreciated.


@SDBUK I can't believe I posted this in April and there is still no sign of activity on Microsoft's end. I don't see why they bother having these apps at all if they aren't concerned with having basic usable functionality. 


@Jason DrewI know what you mean. I'm beyond disappointed by the lack of interest from Microsoft in resolving this. This is one of the most basic things that one would expect with a task management tool, and 1 year no later no fix, no workaround in Flow or whatever it is called now, just the usual " the dev team is looking at it" line. 




@Charlie Tran 

The comment notification emails should work like this:
The notifications  should be tied to a "follow task" feature with the following properties.
- If you are assigned to the task, you automatically "follow" the task.
- Users may "follow" or "unfollow" any task, even ones they aren't assigned to.
- A message in the comments will automatically trigger when someone "follows" or "unfollows" a task

There should also be email notifications to anyone who is "@ed" in a comment post.
Anyone who is "@ed" should be automatically assigned to "follow" the task.

However, the email sent should have an "unfollow" task option tied into it.

I believe this would cover all issues.

Side note:
My department is looking to using teams/planner for our projects. However, in testing, we are also not receiving email notifications from comments on tasks, even after commenting on the tasks. So something is broken, either with our settings or with planner itself.



I agree with your suggestions.

I am really getting very despondent with the lack of feedback from MS on this.  If I ignored my customers in this way I'd get fired.

MS's twitter teams are quick as a flash to retweet good news stories and respond to people praising the products so we know that there are people who are still alive in the relevant teams at MS.  It seems that they are on a sales hunt and are ignoring the demands of existing customers.  I note also that Jo Parkhurst is leaving MS so who is left looking after planner?


If someone from MS is reading this, just tell us the truth in 30 seconds so we all know where we stand.


Since this functionality has not been added to Planner since the issue was raised 9 months ago we're going to be moving away from that system to something that actually works.

I am not very familiar with how this community works. Does MS regularly review comments made here?

In any case, there is a UserVoice request for this function:

We should all go comment and vote.

@Matthew Jarsky  Just did!

thank you.


Duplication of requests is common problem with UserVoice.

However, while that request has a ton of votes, I don't think anyone should vote for it now.

It was created back when users where being notified of almost every action on every task and the original post is a plea to change that behaviour...which MS did, bringing us to the unsatisfactory functionality we see today.

The one I posted addresses today's Planner notifications.


@Charlie Tran  Any updates on this?   It is really causing a lot of frustration at our company.  If you are assigned a task you should get an email when someone comments, even if you've never commented yourself.  At least give us a Setting to change.


@Charlie Tran - this was a very bad attempt to solve one issue (too many updates) and then create another.


1. Owners of a plan often want all updates to all tasks sent to their inbox.

2. If you assign a task to someone surely you must want them to get updates on that task to their inbox??

3. We now have a situation where users who have followed the group and are expecting all messages to the group to come to their inboxes are now missing updates which means work items and issues are getting lost. 


We are now in a situation where we are needed to look at alternative systems to run plans with. My board has lost faith in the solution as items they were working on have had issues caused by breaks in the flow of communications. It is a disaster for the uptake of teams internally and now in our customers, as they don't want separate systems for planning outside of the teams environment but have to because of the really poor choices MS have made in how to run alerts and updates on tasks.


the design spec suggested by @wlyter in this thread seems the best solution by far.


As suggested elsewhere, uservoice has many people asking for better alerting functionality and control within planner but they are spread across loads of posts. if you collected them all together it would be very close to the top of the most requested items.


@Jason Drew  Has anyone tried the following work-around?


(Yes, I believe MS should have created an enhancement by now... but they haven't. Seems like there are a lot of smart minds out here... so thought to share 1 work-around.)


The main issue that I've been experiencing is the notifications... either (a) the Assigned people do NOT get notified because they didn't previously comment AND (b) any person who has commented will get an email notification - bombarding people's emails OR making it useless as they will disable the notifications.


WORK-AROUND... 2 parts... what if all comment notifications were disabled AND if someone needs to be contacted, either add them to the card OR remove/re-add to the card? IF there is a current trigger to notify when people are Assigned, then couldn't we use that as a work-around - to notify people? Not a fan of work-arounds... but this seems a pretty basic task to implement.


Thoughts? Any other work-arounds?



So for the creator I have a work around that appears to work for the assigned members.  (At least until this is fixed as it should be steps 3 -5 will be eliminated with a fix)



1. Creator(owner) creates a Task

2. Creator Adds all appropriate Team members to the Task

3. Creator enters a generic Comment

4. Creator gets email that a comment was entered

5. Creator (In Outlook) ReplysAll and adds the email addresses of each assigned Team Member in the TO section of the email.


At this point, it appears that any future comment on that task will go to the team that was included on the ReplyAll.  

NOTE: Any new team members added will likely still have to either go through this exact same step or have to comment on the task before they will receive any updates.


Good luck and this is a headach that really should be resolved.


@Critterdawg Thanks for the suggestion. It's a pretty cumbersome workaround but I'll give it a try.