No "Add Plan to Outlook Calendar" option

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None of our plans have the "Add plan to outlook calendar" per this page. I saw the info on enabling and disabling this feature via PowerShell but isn't it supposed to be on by default, or do we need to go through all of that to turn it on? No one here is a powershell user so was hoping not to have to do that unless necessary.


Or has it just not rolled out yet despite the info being out there for a couple of weeks now.

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We are waiting for this to be available in Planner as well.


We have gone through the PowerShell actions as detailed in the link which does confirm the feature is enabled in our account, but we cannot see the option in any of our Plans. Have assumed this is just taking some time to become active in Planner but would be nice if this could be confirmed.

Thanks @Peter Amer - it must be a phased rollout then, even though the announcement from MS didn't have that noted like they usually do. I'll just keep checking.



same problem here..

Hi @Ed Hansberry @Anton Dorfmann @Peter Amer -- we recently completed rollout of this feature.  Let us know if you're still not seeing the option in the menus (you may need to refresh your page if you've had it open for a few days).  

 I have checked today and yes it is now appearing as an option in Planner. Thanks for the heads up that it has been rolled out.




Yup, I see it, and was especially pleased to see that there is a link available for "My Tasks" across all planners.


How often is the feed updated? I marked several things complete but they were still in Outlook a few hrs later, even after forcing a sync. They were gone this morning though, so it is being updated, but not very quickly here.

@Ed Hansberry Outlook grab updates every 3-4 hours, though sometimes it can take longer (up to 24 hours)



I don't see the Add Plan to Outlook option in Planner.  We have an E3 license so not sure if this restricts any sharing.  Outlook has Open calendar From Internet enabled which previously may have been an issue.  Any suggestions?

I still don't see this option either and I have verified that the calendar sharing is enabled for the organization.  I don't know what else to try.

Anyone have any further luck with this?  I still do not see the link to Outlook option either.  Any suggestions?

+1. Got the exact same issue, and it's causing headaches...


@Ed Hansberry @Tormod Solem Slupphaug @dhood82 @alloyd 

If this option is enabled in your tenant and you're still not seeing it in your plan options, make sure a group owner has published the iCalendar feed within your plan settings! 

Here's a help article on how to do this:

Once the iCalendar feed is published, all members of the group should be able to see the option within Planner. 

Hope this helps!

I got a similar issue. The option is missing in "some" plans. Why??

I found the issue.  It's because I was not the owner of the plan.