No Planner App (Icon) will be show on Office 365 Page

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Hello, did work fine, but we didn't have the Planner Icon (App) on the Office 365 Webpage.
Is this a bug?

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did you search on the app Box in Office 365? check the followingSin título.pngSin título2.png

Yes, but i cant find this Title:


A workaround to get tile appeared in app launcher is by removing and reassigning planner licenses for users from admin console. Tools and Powershell scripts for license management is available from technet. 

This didn't fix this issue.

Do you know when Planner was enabled in your tenant? 

I don't know. We have Planner first use at the Preview.
So, at the preview time, we had the same issue.

We too had this problem; removing and re-applying the E4 licence for each user (not all where affected) resolved this for us.