No notification email to assignee when get new tasks or task is completed

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Hello All 

Are you still able to receive a planner notification email. 

From this year, the task's assignee cannot receive a notification email when getting new tasks assigned or complete tasks. (Group email is working )


We checked notification settings that two options are checked


Do you have any idea?  


Thanks for your support : )

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@GaryZhao- If you've set the Plan settings > Notifications at and you're still not receiving notifications how you would like then you'll likely need to create your own notifications using Power Automate. Another reason you might want to use Power Automate is for 'guest' tasks as they do not seem to get notified either.

Personally, instead of sending an email I choose to send a Teams message but that is also because I try to stay within Teams.

Hi Chris
Thanks for your reply, yes, flow also can provide notification, but it seems all plans in our company cannot trigger notification to assignee, it is hard to create flow for each plan :(

I am just wondering why the notification doesn't work anymore. we had no change on related settings
thanks for your suggestion again, and have a nice weekend!