New Milestones App in Teams did what we've been asking to see in Planner for years

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It came with a simple Activity Log.   Sorry if this post comes off as snarky but to be honest, this is a big frustration I have with Planner.   


Without control over user permissions, which is at the core of my frustration here... the least I would expect is an activity log to see who's been adding, modifying and deleting items from a board. 




Want an activity log in Planner too?  Vote below:


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I'm just wondering if you took extra steps to show the activity log. My Microsoft Milestones does not show this on my UI.


Jay Cee

@JayCeeDomingo good question... no I don't think so.  


I reinstalled Milestones and the activity log is missing on my side too.  Not sure why it's missing, unless it was removed in an update. Weird.

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It's definitely weird.

Now your article above doesn't mean anything now I guess, since both Planners and Milestones don't have the Activity Log :) Unless they bring it back soon.

Thank you for the response, though. Really appreciate it.
Hi there, did you ever fix this problem as I really want the activity log functionality in my installation?

@JayCeeDomingo why Microsoft removes it? So disappointed.

No one is talking about the Milestone Application missing Activity log.  I've referred to Microsoft employees and this seems to be the biggest mystery.  Hoping someone can at least explain why this functionality is gone.  The app is useless at this point. @AlexH980 

Exactly no activity log simply means this whole program has no traceability. How annoying.