New Changes Have Been Made to # Tasks While You Were Away!

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Still a little new to using Planner, but I noticed when I log in, I will get a bubble notification that says "New Changes were made to # tasks while you were away". Is there a way to see what the changes were or even what task it occurred in? For now, it feels a little like Where's Waldo in tracking the changes down.  Similar to being told "Something is different!" but no information about what is different. Maybe I'm missing a simple feature, please advise! Thank you!

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Brilliant description! I totally agree with you, the alert is next to useless if it doesn't tell you to which changes it is referring.
having this same issue. I've got over 100 tasks with 10 members on 1 of 12 planners I'm managing. no reason saying changes were made if it doesn't give detail.