Need to be able to copy Attachments inside of a Plan to a new Plan

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When copying a Plan the option to copy Attachments is grayed out.  Why can't we copy all of the attachments over and is there any plan to make that feature available since it is showing but disabled?

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Hi Jesse,
I have not heard this option will be added to the Copy Plan feature and don't know why this option is not provided Today

@jessebymail2880 You can copy attachments over only if you are copying to the same plan. If you select the same group that the current plan is in, you will see this option light up.  

@jackieduongGood explanation.


That said, copying attachments across groups is needed, especially when attachments are just hyperlinks, and thus no files need to be copied.

@jessebymail2880 Has this been rectified?

When copying plans over to a new team the attachments icon is greyed out. Which is frustrating as they are actually hyperlinks.




Is this going to be changed any time soon?

We use templates for a lot of projects, especially Onboarding.  Not being able to copy the attachments, which in this case are all blank forms, is keeping us from using this product.  Please allow copying of the attachments, especially into a new project.  It is desperately needed!  Thank you!

Yes, this is super important. Please get on it. Just copy over the attachments already. how hard can it be. Fundamental functionality of the computer age, copy paste. Let's get it in there already.


Agreed.  I am using the task list to be able to copy list tasks along with the attachments for many users to be able to use with templates attached.  I really hope this functionality is enabled soon as this is VERY important to increase the usability of the task planner

I too believe this is vital to the development of Teams functionality. Only copying tasks to the same Team is useless.



I would also love to have this option, would save us a lot of time... @microsoft


We don't use planner very often in our organization since we're mostly using Jira however we just came across a department who has been creating a large amount of plans and is associating them with the same group every time so they can copy attachments. Fast forward to today and they've found out there's a limit to the number of plans that can be associated with one group (200) and are now in a bit of a pickle.

If we could just copy the attachments to another group we probably wouldn't be running into this issue now.