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We use labels extensively and we are running out. When will Microsoft add more to the 25?

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Hi Michael, I'm not aware of any plans to extend this further right now. What is your use case? I'm sure the engineering team would be interested in how you are using labels that mean you need more than 25. If you haven't already given your feedback here then you should add it. I did notice there are several items for more labels, but this has the most votes. I'll see if we can get those consolidated.
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Hello Brian,
Thanks for responding so quickly.
It's disappointing to hear there are no plans for more labels. Planner is very useful in our organization. I hope plans for more labels is added to Microsoft's ToDo list. The sooner the better! Here's why...
We create buckets for similar components of a company project. Each bucket/component has virtually the same steps. In the first bucket, we create tasks that represent each of those steps. Each step has one of the color-coded labels and a simple numbered descriptor text. We order them in the bucket according to the practical execution of the steps. Now, there is a prototype set of tasks we copy to the rest of the buckets. Our project board is ready and work begins.
Because the labels are colorized it's easy to immediately grasp the state of completion for each bucket/component looking left and right, because the next step ticks to the top when the previous step is completed. The simple visual cue is very effective in working through a project that has dozens of components with many steps. Most importantly, that simple visual cue is so easy to pick up on, new people have a very short learning curve. They are up and running in no time. We have wrapped up planners with hundreds of tasks in mere weeks.
Here's the problem...
Some of our planners are beginning to have more than twenty-five steps! We've tried many workarounds, including doubling up steps or cutting projects into chunks. Fixes to our process have not worked. There has been confusion and loss of productivity.
The simplest solution is to have more labels. Everyone likes using Planner. I sincerely hope that more can be added.
Thanks for your time.

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Likewise need more labels, for different types taxes, or stakeholders, separation by action types. I just used up the last one... Why is there not a possibility to create additional new label and assign a color and name to it? Shouldn't be too difficult to implement?


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We also see a real need for much more labels. I do not know how a limit of 25 (or any limit for that matter) is a necessary. We are using it similar to how Jira would be used, but within the Microsoft 365 environment. For our application, we create tasks for SW features and fixes and we want to use a label to tag the SW version that the fix or feature will be released in to so that we can easily filter all tasks to find features per SW version release. We don't plan to stop at only 25 versions! This is a truly common application I would believe.
I'm looking for an alternative to google workspace. Planner fits my requirements for a small business. But without labels I don't see a way to track or filter tasks schedule for 20+ different clients.
our team also needs more labels. we need the ability to pick a custom color. We want to use planner to map out the layout process of our magazine and we need to visually see if any colors (via labels) conflict with each other.


Likewise, we need more labels! We use a label for each of our client. Once we established a template for all the steps of each client project we duplicate it for each successive client. We can certainly clear and then reuse each fiscal year, but the constraint of only 25 labels means we have to delete and reuse (rename and then reassign) a label in the current fiscal year. We are finding this tool very helpful, but need more labels to maximize the effectiveness. Should be an easy fix MS engineering!