MS Planner - User not receiving e-mail notification for comments on own Tasks

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Hello Everyone!

We got a strange problem in the planner, maybe somebody got this problem too and knows a solution. 

Our Problem:
One User of our plan isn't recieving an automatic e-mail, about a new comment of a task, of which he is part of. No matter if he created the task or is part of the assigned team. Exception or Workaround: After the user commented, he is recieving updates as usual to this task. 

For the others it's working fine.
The user got the Problem in all plans and it's disturbing our workflow...

Thank you in advance!

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Can you confirm the user is following the plan's associated group in Outlook?.


Also, have you checked the below post?

@Kevin Morgan:
Thank you for your tip!

The user is Assigned to the group and the settings are as suggested. 
I double checked it again. 

The strange thing is: It only happens until the user comments. even if the user created the task.... After a comment, it works as it should. 
For example: If i create a Task and someone comments, i am recieving the notification nearly instant...
Even after deleting an adding the user again to the plan, it didn't work...

What I also noted: Our Planner Bot stopped working... maybe some kind of correlation...