MS Planner notifications (e-mail and push)

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For comprehension purposes I am currently collecting information about when MS Planner e-mail notifications and push notifications are generated in MS Teams and which of them can be adjusted by settings. 


E-Mail notifications are sent when:



  • a team member writes a comment in a task in which you already have written a comment before 
  • you are assigned a task (after changing the notification settings). 
  • a task which is assigned to you is completed (after changing the notification settings). 

Push notifications are sent when


  • ?
  • ?

Thanks for the help.



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@Mavo145 Hi, refer to the below link to know the complete notification settings in Planner

@Santhosh Balakrishnan



Thank you very much for the answer. I have been able to gather a lot of information.


One final question: Is it possible to change something in the settings so that you get a notification (email and/or push) when a task is created in general, independent of an assignment to a certain person ?



@Mavo145 No it is not possible. These settings are based on Office 365 groups.

@Santhosh Balakrishnan 

Thanks for the help so far. I got antoher question regarding the notfications of MS Planner.


I successfully activated the notification in my MS Planner settings. Now I get notifications whenever an assignment is addressed to me or is due.

As you can see here: 

MS Planner Notification.PNG


This was possible by clicking on the adjustment button on the top right corner of the webversion of MS Planner. Unfortunately our SAP Consultants don't have a settings button in their web version. Is this an authorization topic or why are team member who have the status of "guest" no adjustment button (to activate the same thing)?


(Background information: We have a team with our consultants in which I am the team owner and the consultant are guests. We address certain tasks via the MS Planner which is integrated in our team.)


Thanks in advance.