Ms Planner is supported check all notifications and having plugin add bucket by outlook

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I am very new with Ms planner, but try to find out the way is help me optimize workflow. I have some trouble as below, hoping to get your support

1. Check all notifications:

- I used Trello and easily find out the notification in past or new. That can be from someone in the project change the status in progress. I hoping Planner still has that features! Do you know how to find it!

2. Add the email to the bucket:

- As Trello again, even they don't in Ms ecosystem, but had a pretty good Outlook plugin to integrate with them. 


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1. In Planner the notifications are posted as task comments. These comments are powered by the Group mailbox of the respective Group. You can find the notifications by clicking on the ... next to plan name and Conversations. 

2. Email to bucket is not available. Alternately, you need to use Flow (Flag email to create Planner task) or third party Outlook add-ins.