MS Planner board keeps freezing

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We have a Planner board that has 4 people. These tasks are moved from planner board to planner board. The other planner boards do not freeze. Only this main planner board gets frozen during a crucial part of every day when we are all accessing it at once.  It seems related to that fact. Is there a fix for this? Currently, when it freezes, we close it out completely and then we open it up again. We are looking it online via Chrome. 

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Huh that's an interesting issue. Does the board crash when people access it from Teams too?

Not sure if that would actually make a difference, I think it would be worth exploring if it allows multiple people to modify it.

This makes me question how well optimized Planner is for multiple, simultaneous contributors...
Good question. I've asked the team to access via Teams to see if it makes any difference. I'll update this post.
We have had the same issues recently.