Moving / Migrating Plans from one Site to another

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Hello Planner Community,


Does Planner have the ability to move Plans to a new or existing SPO site?  I'm trying to helping someone that has created 5-8 Plans which also created new SPO sites.  She was unaware of this behavior and you can imaging the frustration to keep things organized.  I haven't found anything online in docs or tech community.  Any help is much appreciated! 

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No, Planner does not provide this feature. You can export a Plan to Excel, but there is not an import Plan from Excel. Your choices here are two:
(1) Export your Plan to Excel and then import by means of some custom code that uses the Graph API
(2) By means of third party tools that provide this export/import feature

@Juan Carlos González Martín thanks for the quick reply.  I submitted this feature request in UserVoice and crossing my fingers it makes the feature list. 


I did find a workaround.  You can copy specific task to other plans a user has access to. Not ideal for Plans with a ton of task or buckets.   

@Mr_DelCampo let me know if you are ready to try with option 2 (third party apps) as @Juan Carlos González Martín mentioned. I have an app that works well for this situation you have mentioned. 

In case someone runs into the same issue, Altosio has the solution for this. It is a SAAS platform (nothing to install) that allows you to rearrange your plans within the same tenant.
Quite easy to use. /