Move labels in MS Teams/Planner

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Hi All, I have renamed some labels & assigned them to certain milestones in Planner however I just need to move the labels around into a different order but it won't let me. Now I will have to rename them again in the order I want them before going back to each of my milestones and reassigning the right label. Is there no functionality to drag & drop the label ordering format please?
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Unfortunately Planner and any Planner App don't provide any customization options so you will not be able to achieve what you have described

@Juan Carlos González Martín Hi Juan, do you know when this will be added, please?  Planner is a great tool - but needs to be a little more user-friendly!

There is no such facility available in Planner for this. You can add the labels in the order you need it.
Thanks Santhosh, the query was whether the functionality was to be added later though?

I'm looking for the same functionality to be able to move the labels so that they are tagged in a certain order.   Realized the order of the labels is important when exporting the the data to make use of it.  Just sending a note to show more interest in this feature if it can be updated to allow moving of the labels already developed vs having to delete all labels and putting them in the desired order.