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our team recently migrated from asana to planner. Features that are missed the most

  1. assigning a subtask
  2. setting due date to subtask
  3. copy-paste images into task 
  4. search 
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1 and 2 - Use third party apps to create subtasks and assign or set due date.
3 - Not possible
4 - Go to Filter and you will see the search box to filter by keywords.

Thank you for reply. Could u Please advice those 3rd party apps? where should I get them? @SanthoshB1 

This is an important post -- there are basic features still missing from Planner/Tasks.

Is there a Microsoft Product Manager here that can comment?
You can use MS Project for the Web to create subtasks. It is very similar to Planner, but with better features. Altosio has a great solution to migrate from Asana to MS project / or MS Planner. Feel free to reach out at https://altosio.com or https://altosio.com/asana-migration/
Hi! You can learn more about the Asana migration scenario here: https://projectmigrator.com/asana-migration/.

This product eliminates almost all manual operations during the migration process—no risks and data loss.
I can't understand Altosio, is it paid?
I found this program expensive, 700usd is a lot.