Migrate Planner to Project?

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I have a client that is heavily embedded in Planner and would like to Migrate this data to Project.  Client is on Office 365 

Thanks in advance

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No, it’s not possible at this time!

I’d suggest voting for this on planner uservoice! There’s a few! This one for example:



@adam deltinger   Thank you 


Well, Project online has an API, for Planner you have the Microsoft Graph API so I wouldn't say it's not possible because you could end developing a migration project to migrate your planner data to Tasks in Projects in Project Online...
Well, “not possible” is a strong word :) (or two) I should say there’s no such integration out of the box

As has been stated there is no integration out of the box, and it would be difficult to do completely because not all of the fields in Planner map to Project anyway; specifically for scheduling Project needs start/finish dates which could relate to Start and Due date in Planner.   Planner has no concept of dependencies either, so again this would be "problematic" to say the least.  I think the best option would be just to export the planner plan to Excel, and then copy and paste the task names into Project, along with the start date if you have it.  If you are using resources, these will need to be split out (but see my blog here on how to do this in Power BI - the same theory applies to Excel https://applepark.co.uk/powerbi-planner-template/ ) .   


Basically, there is going to be a lot of manual work required to take a planner plan (effectively a nice task list) and craft it into a meaningful resource loaded and levelled schedule.


Would be nice if we could the same possiblity as with Trello and TeamGantt



@Arve Gruehagen- I believe the authentication Trello requires makes a PowerBI connection somewhat difficult.oka

Good afternoon All, 


Question: Does Microsoft have a TOOL to migrate/export data from MS Planner and import into MS Project??? I'm very interested in product pricing for 250-500 company users. Please reach out if you have any URL links, product pricing, and microsoft vendor contact information. 

@KMessina Hi, we have custom tailored solution for this. DM the details and I can assist you. 

@SanthoshB1 can you show me how to convert a planner into project?



As a government agency we are also interessed how to import excisting Planners into the Project app for Teams. Is there a solution developed in the meantime since 2019 ;)
I have not found anything yet.

@SanthoshB1 I'm coming to this topic very much past your original posting date. Is there now a way to export a MS project file into MS planner that's in teams?

Recently I saw something call Planner to project experience, it export all the task into a project online, but I dont know where you can add it in planner, it seems a trial app but where you might get it?@dianetracy 

Has anyone figured this out? There is a video on this post that makes it seem simple, but I can't find the same functions?

This does not exist. Microsoft are selling upgraded licences without any functionality. bait and switch.