Microsoft Planner Task Comments Suddenly Disappear.

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Hi everyone.


One of my Microsoft Planner Task Comments Suddenly Disappears, but i have checked those comments available in Outlook conversations. Can anyone help to show those comments again on my "Task".




Afzaal Hussain


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Have you checked the Task is not in Planner just marked as completed?

Thanks for your reply.

I have checked this task is not complete, it's in progress. it shows comments of 9th Feb 2020 and 13th Feb 2020 . But 10th,11th,12th Feb 2020 comments disappeared .



@afzaalhussain can you confirm if the comments are still available in the respective office 365 group in which the plan in created? I hope you might not checked its availability in the copy of the group conversation in Inbox. 

@Santhosh BalakrishnanHi .

Hope you are fine.

Yes i have checked and conversation is available in that Outlook Group.

But not shown on Planner Task.. This is the issue, how can those comments appears again on MS Planner task.. Please Help.



Afzaal Hussain

My entire tasks are disappearing.  I have created the same few tasks twice with checklist within them.  I have 3 other ones left.  They seem to be random.  I'm not doing anything different with the ones that disappear.  I am using Planner in a private channel via the website link  @afzaalhussain 


Thanks, CPonder


I am also seeing this in most comments I am updating in Planner.

For me, the functionality is not reliable so am having to work differently to accommodate this until it is fixed.


@afzaalhussain same here :(

MS seems not to be interested in fixing this as they either disappear or I get an error message. I guess I ditch MS altogether and move to other tools which are reliable

@afzaalhussain Yes I'm having the same problem. I've noticed at least 4 tasks vanish on me today and now I'm unsure whether there were more than I noticed. I've seen it before today as well. Very frustrating, I liked planner but can't trust it with important stuff like this.



Hi everybody.

I had the same problem.  

Investigating this issue... I made many tests.


The 'bug' scenario I faced was:


- When I paste some content from email inside the 'comment' (from a task/card), I notice this comment dissappeared.


So... I made some changes from the text posted inside the comment:


I changed from this (sample):

From:   roni test
Sent:     sexta-feira, 6 de outubro de 2023 08:35
To:        aaaaa<email address removed for privacy reasons>
Cc:       xxxxx@xxxx
Regards:     bug xxxxxxx


to this:

:   roni test
:     sexta-feira, 6 de outubro de 2023 08:35
:        aaaaa<email address removed for privacy reasons>
:       xxxxx@xxxx
:     bug xxxxxxx


in another words I removed the words  'From' 'Sent' 'To' 'Subject' 'CC'...



And after this action (the planner has a bug to treat this!!!!)  now I can past email text inside comments.



Hope this suggestion can help everybody.