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Hi all,

Currently email disclaimers defined with Exchange transport rules, are appended to the comments on Microsoft Planner of office 365 web version, adding clutter.How we can remove this email disclaimers from Planner? We try to find email sending to verify where sent it the emails from the users when comment tasks.

Some idea?

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Basically Planner does not provide a way to solve this, so I think you need to dig more into how you can do it in the transport rule itself

Hi Juan Carlos,


Any ideas to see where the message for Planner is sent? In the mail flow I do not see emails to any email or system ...



It's been 5 years and this issue still persists in the "Tasks by Planner and To Do" Teams app.

Hi @Gerardo Moreno Diaz , @Juan Carlos González Martín , @wgroves 

Very old thread, but when I had the same issue today it was the first that came up.

In our case the solution was to EXCLUDE emails from having the Disclaimer added to them in the system which your company uses to add the Disclaimer.


In our case we use Exchange Online > Mail flow > rules

In their we have a rule which adds the disclaimer to every email , except ones which match certain critieria.

The criteria to add which stops the disclaimer being added to Planner Plan Task comments is:

excluding mails that match
"Message headers"  that "match these text patterns"
"X-MS-TrafficTypeDiagnostic" - message header matches - "PlannerComment"


After implementing that and waiting 1min, the next Planner Task comment that got added in our M365 environment DID NOT have the disclaimer at the bottom of it.

I hope this helps other people who discover this problem as they move to Exchange Online.