Microsoft Planner for iPhone and Android now available!


Big news today:


Planner mobile apps are here!




I'm interested to hear your likes and dislikes about the app. The product team uses your feedback to build the best product possible, so the more the better : ) 





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Not currently available in the UK, Europe and elsewhere @Dave Heller. Can you update on store availability for our locales please?
I should be clear specifically the Android release. iOS in there for me!

You should be seeing it shortly if you can't already!

Cheers :clinking_beer_mugs:

Based on the early reviews in the App Store and in my personal experience, this app seems incompatible wiht a branded login page, so our users are unable to login.  All our other O365 apps for iOS work fine.


Can't believe this wasn't tested. Hope you guys can fix quickly and push an update out ASAP.

Hi Kevin - thanks for the feedback! This sounds like a bug, but I have raised it to the support team to see what I can do.
I'm able to login ok using a branded ADFS login page on iOS.

Awesome! I've only had a little bit of time to poke around in it, but overall I'm liking what I see. The only thing that got me was trying to figure out how to mark a task completed. Didn't realize that I had to tap the ellipses (...) on the task. I was looking for a checkbox.


Other than that, I think the only thing this app really needs (and Planner as a whole) is notifications about ticket assignment and when a task due date is upcoming or past due.

Unfortunately we have the same problem as Kevin, on iOS the app wont display our ADFS v2 login page, just returns to the startup animation. Other Office 365 apps are fine, and Planner works fine on Android.

Hi Stephan - Thanks for the feedback! We are currently working on granular notification control, including push notifications on mobile.

I will pass along your message regarding how to change status within a task!
Hi Steven - That's certainly not expected behavior. We'll take a look at troubleshooting.
Up and running. Thànks @Dave Heller.

Let me know if there is anything I can provide to help David.

Installing it on my iPhone, not ready yet for Android in Spain

Our blocker that is preventing widespread use is the inability to see Planner Boards that were created in Teams in the app, which is exactly the same experience as Planner on the web. Planner is one of the most natural needs and uses inside of Teams. Getting these two working together well needs to move up the priority list as Teams continues to gain DAU and MAU at a rapid pace.

I haven't seen that experience on the web, the Planner Hub seems to have plans created from Teams, Yammer, etc. The app is very weird and the plans listed in the hub literally change if I toggle to my tasks or settings and then back again. At the moment I'm only seeing plans created from Teams. But the my tasks screen seems to have everything current.
Thanks! Will do. We have people looking at it.
I really appreciate the feedback there. As you may know, there is still a 1 to 1 relationship between a plan and a Group, and that single plan can surface in Microsoft Teams as well. We are working to sync all plans across Teams and Planner within the next year.
We have the same problem with our branded logins.