Matching task notification with Team/Group it came from

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I'm on multiple Teams in my organization. Each Team has a Planner tab. When I get email notifications (or in my feed) that a task has been assigned to me, I can't figure out how I know which Team it relates to. There's nothing in the email that tells me, and my tasks list in Planner doesn't seem to be linked in any way to Teams.


Do I just have to scroll through each Team until I get lucky enough to find the one that has the task assigned to me?

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For now there is not way to easily find from where your Planner notifications are coming, but fortunately there is an item in the Microsoft 365 roadmap that will improve this exerience...basically, Planner notifications are going also to be sent in Teams' channels

The new Planner task notifications coming to Teams channels are going to be very helpful that way. For now, there are a couple of non-obvious ways you can find where it comes from.


  1. The email notification should have the group as one of the cc recipients. That makes this is at least a strong clue. Admittedly, it is possible for a single group / team to have more than one Plan, but that isn't common in my experience. 
  2. If you look at the My Tasks view in Planner, you'll see all tasks assigned to you across all boards you're working in. Every task displays in the Not started / In progress / Completed columns. If you look above the task title on each task (before you click on it) - you'll see the name of the Plan it comes from.

Hope that helps!