Managing Planner tasks directly from Outlook

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Thank you for all the input you have been given. It is very helpfull. I am very excited to announce a major release update of the Outlook Add-in for Office 365 Planner. You will be able to do even more directly for Outlook.  For more information


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But this is not the END, we want to be able to do more. The question is, what else will enhance the usage of the Office 365 Planner?

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to make Planner more useful - would be nice to see the an App for the group / team site that showed the tasks - to integrated with the auto-created site
There is a webpart you can add to group and team site. you can contact me for more information

Thanks - thought I saw it on the roadmap after I had left the message online here -

but also could  not find where to insert the webpart in the Group Site that was created by Office 365 when I created the Plan.


where can I find the webpart and how do I install it?



 Hi Andi


If you mean the planner webpart for SharePoint. It should be on the way. But I have a Planner webpart for SharePoint, using the ew SharePoint framework. Please send me an email and I will send you the webpart file