Major update of Outlook Add-in iPlanner Pro for Office 365 Planner


iPlanner Business CollectioniPlanner Business Collection

I am very excited to announce a major release update of the Outlook Add-in for Office 365 Planner. You will be able to do even more directly for Outlook.  For more information



iPlanner Pro FeaturesiPlanner Pro Features



iPlanner Pro for Outlook is a part of iPlanner Business Collection. You'll get additional tools that will enable you to manage your tasks and projects seamlessly across O365. On top of that you will be able to manage tasks and resources with your most favorite tool, Excel.

The Business Collection offer:

  • iPlanner Pro Add-in for Outlook
  • iPlanner SharePoint Online app part (soon to be available)
  • iPlanner Excel Add-in

It is very simply to test. You can get the add-ins directly from the Office Store. When installed you will automatically get a 30 days’ trial.


iPlanner SharePoint Online app part is in Alpha now. Should anyone be interested in beta testing please feel free to contact me.



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