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I am new to MS 365 so bear with me. My company has just recently went over to office 365, however has provided little instructions to how it will benefit my part of the business.  


I am after suggestions on how to organise and use MS Planner based on below:


I manage a 35 member maintenance team, which is divided into 5 sections each of which are headed up by section supervisors. Each supervisor has their own team, and their own work bank to complete. Note: We use IBM Maximo System to manage assets, planned and corrective works.   

I have a Section Planner in place who plans all work for the department.

Before MS 365, the planner just updated simple excel spreadsheets with the required information for each team. There is 5 individual detailed work plans. These work plans are on our sharepoint site, team leaders log in and check what works they have for that day/week/month. The team rosters/rotas/work report forms etc. are also on sharepoint. 


In terms of MS Planner I would like to know peoples opinions to how this could be used. 

Do people believe that I should set up individual teams (in MS Teams) based on the 5 supervisor sections, each team would have its own 'MS Planner - plan'? or...

Do you think we should have one plan for the whole department and use the buckets or labels to differentiate between sections? Whats the pros and cons to these options?

Is there another option?


We literally have a blank canvas, there are no teams set up in MS Teams as yet. 






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