Long Term Plans for Planner

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I've noticed that Microsoft is not implementing new features or updates for Planner, so I'm wondering what the long term plan is (i.e. When should we expect this platform to sunset?) We only use Planner because it comes with our suite, so I'm mainly trying to gauge when I should be getting quotes from other options and migrating over. 

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Well, in regards of work planning main Microsoft investments are around Project on the Web. In regards of Planner, I don't expect to have a sunset...I expect however they will be adding little by litte new functionalitiies as they have been doing since Planner arrived some years ago

@Juan Carlos González Martín I appreciate your insight. I've started noticing on the Support pages that they just post solutions related to Project and mark it as solved when people ask questions about Planner functionality. So that made me worried that they'll be sunsetting it sometime in the next few years.