Long planner names (Long office 365 group names)




When I create a new Planner plan with a name longer than 23-25 characthers then the plan is shown with an ending "..." in the left list of all the plans.




There is no way to re-size (drag) the left pane/list so that the whole name is shown and hovering over the plan do not show a label always. Looks like sometime the label is shown and sometimes its not. Maybe this is OS/Browser related.


I would prefer to be able to re-size the left pane but if that is not an option hovering over the plan name must show a label with the full name.


I hope this is something the planner-team can work with :)


Br. Rune


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Mmm...I recommend you to visit user voice and post your request there if it has not been asked yet...it seems the left panel is not resizable no matter the browser you use...but in OWA for instance you can resize with no problems the left panel

Yes, the left panel is resizable in OWA. Looks like hovering over group name in OWA also gives a label. I would like to have the same functionality in Planner :)