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good morning

when we attach local files to a planner task these are stored in the root directory of the used sharepoint.
after a few weeks we had a lot of files in this directory which is just unhandly.

if we move these filse to a sub folder by the sharepoint broser app all links in the planner tasks are gone.

is there any way to set the location for uploaded files to a subfolder?


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Hi @Schorms,

when you attach local files to a Planner task, they are stored in the root directory of the associated SharePoint.

Unfortunately, there's currently no option to set a default save location to a specific subfolder. If you organize the attachments into a subfolder, the link to the attachment in the Planner task won't work.

However, there's a workaround you might consider. Upload the files to a folder in the document library first, then select them using "Add attachment > SharePoint" in the Planner task.
This way, the files will be organized in the specified folder, and the links in the Planner tasks will stay functional.

You can also send a feedback directly to Microsoft from Planner about this issue:

- Click the Settings icon

- Under "Planner" click "Send Planner feedback".

- This opens "Send Feedback to Microsoft"

- Click on "I have a suggestion"



Microsoft Planner: change default file storage location - Microsoft Community

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Leon Pavesic

I have no idea why Microsoft hasn't allowed us to designate a default folder for these uploads. I constantly have to clean them because members of my team keep uploading directly and it lands in the root.


is there maybee a way to get the shortcuts consistent if you move the files into a subfolder?