Linking Planner Tasks to Update Timeline When A Single Due Date is Changed

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I'm testing out Teams/Planner for a program launch/maintenance. We are using Planner to manage our checklist of items that must occur before/during/after the launch. 


It would be ideal if the tasks could be linked somehow; so when a due date for one item is extended, the other tasks are updated accordingly. It would be even more ideal if we could apply this sort of roll-over to a specific bucket or group of tasks. (Some items cannot change, so we would want to exclude those from any auto-updates)


I'm having trouble finding out if this is possible, but my first impression is that it isn't. Any guidance is greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time! 

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Well, this is the kind of feedback you can provide to the product team by means of Teams uservoice
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@Sarah_B- Planner doesn't do this, but of course MS Project does do this type of scheduling.   MS Project has more capabilities than planner for scheduling, but lacks the modern UI and teams integration that Planner has.