Linking existing planner to a newly created Team

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why can I not see an existing plan in the 'Use an existing plan from this team'. I have several plans already created prior to creating the team.


thank you!

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@hodgesd2002go to the teams tab at the very bottom of the screen you should see "Join or create a team" select that option then create a team > create from > office 365> select your plan

once your team has been created at the top under the search bar there is a plus sign + click that to add "planner" as a tab

your options should be create a new plan and use an existing plan ( it may take a couple of seconds to load) then select the existing plan of your choosing. 

Hope that helps you 

@rosales2020 thank you for the advice :smile:- unfortunately I don't seem to have the "create from" option. :sad:The join or create team button is in the top right corner (not the bottom) - perhaps we have a different version?

The only options I get are:

Create a team using an existing team as a template

Create a team using a group set up by you or "our organisation"

Thank you for trying anyway! Have a good day!



@hodgesd2002 Can you confirm that the Office365 Group is the same for plans and teams you have created? You can able to add plans to Teams that belong to the same O365 Group. 

@Santhosh Balakrishnan 

Hi! thank you for taking the time to respond - I really do appreciate it. I am new to teams but have been using Planner for some time now.

I believe they are the same - I went to the waffle and selected Office 365 to check and both the Planner and Teams Apps are there and contain the relevant Plan and Team.

NB: the Plan was created before the Team (maybe this has some bearing on the problem?)


@hodgesd2002 That is not a problem unless both the Plan and Team belong to the same office365 group. 

How can I check if they both belong to the same office 365 group?



This is the key to solving the issue:



I did this to my team and that's it, I could add the existing planner!