Link attachment in Planner task doesn't support query string in URL

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Planner > Add Task > Add Attachment > Choose "Link" > Paste link including query string. 

Expected result: Clickable link.

Actual result: Fails with "Please choose a valid URL".

It seems to be the ampersand that triggers it.


This is a showstopper if you want to include a link to a Service Desk Plus ticket, for example.


<rant>Planner development appears to have stalled - not saying you need to overdo it but it's hardly finished. Having Planner appear as a tab in Teams when it doesn't keep up with Teams is only going to get more frustrating for users. There's a character limit on the destription field - you saving disk space back there, Microsoft? There's a character limit on checklist items. </rant>

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Totally agree here, Planner Team is not being very fast adding new features and updates and I'm still wondering why...the tool is great and needs to be updated and improved more frequently