Lack of feedback from Planner Team. (Uservoice / AMA)

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There are thousands of requests regarding top issues, that are simple ignored.  


Take Recurring for instance ....


Response rate 

Tell us more - Jan 2018

Design face is on our roadmap - Jul 2018

Planned on backlog pile - APR 2019

Top Ask, will provide update when feature gets closer to being shipped - August 2019

~~~ Then Nothing ! ~~~~


Was raised in live events over and over, in April 2020, it was said they are working on the backlog.  Please can someone comment on the user voice - even if not good news.   



Other user voice needs to be closed down altogether as not being done (Gantt charts in planner are presuming not being shipped due to Microsoft Project feature conflict).


Please can someone update uservoice, even if they don't have something to share.  



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100% agree. Planner is used by us w/ Teams heavily and it needs some updates but there doesn't seem to be any location to give suggestions or see the future plans for the app
just wanted to point to the new feedback platform Microsoft is using for most of its applications now: <-- this is for Planner, however "reoccuring" or "recurring" yields no results at the moment of this writing.

The full Microsoft 365 Roadmap is here:  Microsoft 365 roadmap 
The Planner roadmap can be found by filtering by product:   Microsoft 365 roadmap - Planner 

Microsoft Planner: Recurring tasks item is:

Just found it by accident recently.