Label edit ability disappeared?

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I previously had been able to edit task labels in Planner (accessed through Teams) by opening the Label list and then clicking an edit pencil beside the label. That edit ability appears to have disappeared. The previously edited labels still have the names I've assigned them, but I'm unable to edit any of the other labels that have the colour name placeholders.

Here's a screenshot to show what I see now. In the past, a pencil appeared on the far right of each label row. I've not included my already named labels as they contain client names I'd rather not show:



This appears to have happened in the last three months - any insight on what is happening here would be appreciated.

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Strange, I'm not aware of any change on that direction...maybe a temporary issue?
I hope that is the case. I did shut down Teams and restart it, and also tried through the Planner portal on the web without any luck.
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This just happened to me as well. I'm on a mac, accessing planner via Chrome.
I was able to work around issue using Planner for iPad OS. I presume Planner for iOS would have similar result. Hope that helps for now?

@callmekarri - Thanks for that workaround! I'm also using a Mac and accessing Planner through both Teams desktop app or Chrome for the web version of Planner.

I downloaded Planner to my iPhone and was able to edit the label in question from there. Hopefully they'll update the web version soon!