Issue in uploading attachments to the task

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Since yesterday we have been facing a new issue in Planner where by it does not upload attachment for the task. It throws the error message 'Oops... upload filed'. But when I try to upload the same file again, it says 'Upload filed... The file with the same name already exisits'. So I have searched for the file in SharePoint and it is available and it works when the file is attached from SharePoint. Very cryptic issue.... :( @Brian-Smith, @Dave Heller

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I missed this...from time to time I'm having problems when adding attachment to Planner Tasks...are you still having this problem?

Previously planner had a files link,  available by clicking on the ellipsis alongside the plan name. This has disappeared overnight. Ability to upload files or attach sharepoint files to a task card  no longer seems to exist 

I found a workaround! In your tab, go to the far right and and click the icon 'Go to Website'. The file feature will be available. See attachment - Hopes this helps!