Is there no way to 'Group by Bucket' in 'My Tasks' ?


When I go to the 'My tasks' section, I don't seem to be able to group by bucket. What is the point of having buckets if I can't sort my tasks by bucket? I don't want to sift through dozens of my colleague's tasks just to find mine, that is the point of having the 'My tasks' section. As my Planner gets more and more tasks, I am finding it harder to manage.



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@Jason Drew Are you sure the tasks you think are your colleagues are not tasks that are also assigned to you.  I just checked mine and I only see tasks where I am one of the assign to users.

@Tanya Denton I see all tasks even if they are not assigned to me. The only way to see only tasks that are assigned to you is in the 'My tasks' section.

Well, considering that you can have Tasks coming from several Planner Plans and that in each Plan you could have several different buckets I think it's ok not having the option to group by bucket
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Hi @Tanya Denton - and I think @Jason Drew means that to group by bucket he needs to use a different view such as the normal plan view - then sees all other tasks. This is good feedback and have you also added to Planner's UserVoice Jason?  You can filter on you as a user in the Plan view, this might be a workaround for now.


@Juan Carlos González Martín Good point. I didn't consider the issue with multiple plans. It would be useful to have a 'My tasks' view for a specific plan then. 

@Brian Smith Yeah, I have tried filtering for my user in the normal plan view. It isn't super efficient though because we have a lot of tasks therefore I have to do a lot of scrolling in order to view my tasks.

@Jason Drew - yes, it might be nice if we hid the empty buckets when filtering - to avoid the side to side scrolling issue.

@Brian Smith @Jason Drew  Sorry I read the initial post as Jason was going to "When I go to the 'My tasks' section," and was seeing other people's tasks in 'My Tasks'.  Is late and I am confused :)

No apology necessary @Tanya Denton, and certainly much later where you are than I am :).  

@Brian Smith That's a good idea. I was talking about scrolling down vertically because our buckets have between 10-50 tasks. But I do agree that horizontal scrolling is also annoying when you have a lot of buckets.

@Brian Smith I just realized that I was doing it wrong. I was clicking on my avatar next to 'Members' instead of actually clicking 'Filter'.  If I filter for my user, I get the behavior I was hoping for! 


My apologies!