Is there a plan to planner export to excel the tasks and events?

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The management that planner does is great and it is better each day.

But we need to have more statistics from the tasks.

It would be great to have the information was manipulated in an spreadsheet to show the productive of each one of the team.

Is there a plan from Microsoft Planner developer team to implement it soon?


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Hi, Please vote for this feature in User voice. MSFT is planning to work on this in future.

In the mean time, you can use Flow or third party tools to export the tasks to Excel.

Hi Santhosh,


Thanks a lot for your suggestion, I voted for this feature in user voice.


Based on your experience while Microsoft does not implement this feature, what do you suggest as take around?



Mario Rodrigues

You can use Microsoft Flow to create Excel with Planner task details. But that's complicated as the all task details cannot be retrieved from Flow. You can find relevant discussions in this forum but they are complicated and time consuming to create.

A simple way would be to rely on third party apps for now to Export Planner tasks to Excel.

What 3rd party apps do you know that will do this?

Our own app named ' Apps4.Pro Planner Manager' will do this. It helps you to export all your Plans and Tasks with complete details including Comments, Checklists and Attachments to Excel. The same Excel can be used to modify and import back or can be used for creating new plans.

I Have created the WI and Tasks in planner. How can I export in to an excel sheet?


I try to export tasks (35 bukclets and a lot of tasks finishing, pending ....)

Only 400 tasks are exported from Planer to Excel. Do you think, there is a FLOW export limitation?

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