Is Planner feature-limited if it's not integrated with a team in MS Teams?

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When I access the Tasks by Planner and To-do app via Teams, I want to create buckets and sort my tasks by bucket, but for some reason there's no 'new bucket' or 'group by' option appearing. Is the app feature-limited if I don't have it linked to a team within Microsoft Teams (i.e. if I access Tasks by Planner on the MS Teams home page rather than clicking teams tab -> team -> channel -> Tasks by Planner)? I want an individual board not visible to the rest of my team as some tasks are not relevant to them, but I don't have permissions to create a new team - otherwise I'd just make a new team with only myself as a member.


If Planner does need to be integrated with a team, are private channels with just myself as a member visible to an admin of the team?



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@Username6435  Please note ONLY the plans that are added as the tab in Teams channel gets listed when you access Tasks by ToDo and Planner in Teams. Since you dont have permission to create new Team, go to Tasks by ToDo and Planner app in Teams and create a task list. That's super cool to start with. 

PS: Private channels in Teams does not support adding Planner tab