Is it possible to use MS Planner without access to Office 365?

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The company I work for is a defence supplier and as a result, has a very strict firewall policy which would never allow critical data, such as would be held in Planner, to be stored off-site. All the mentions of Planner that I've seen state that it requires Office 365 as a base, but we can't use Office 365. Is it then possible to use Planner in our site? Other cloud-based applications can be installed locally where the server sits inside our firewall, but is that an option with Planner specifically and Office 365 in general?

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Hi! Planner as part of Office 365 is a cloud service only which means theres no options to run this off-cloud! That goes for all of Office 365. Except from the office applications which can be installed locally on the clients, it still requires connectivity for licensing etc, fetch/send mail from/to exchange online etc