Is it possible to connect planner to milestones?


Is it possible to connect planner and milestones? So that I can track my planner status in milestones? 

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@Sophie_Bruehl- Milestones creates a couple of Dataverse for Teams (D4T) tables in the 'current environment' (i.e. your Team). You will likely need to make at least 2 Power Automate 'flows' for it to work as you would like.

Basically you'll need to create the 'flows' for all the CRUD (create/read/update/delete) operations so that whichever interface is used the desired effect will occur.


There maybe some samples in the Power Automate Community which you can reference.

Power automate flows are awesome, but it should just be possible to link a planner task to a work item in Milestones.



i am trying to build out a technology roadmap and want to have each project as a row but also want to have milestones called out , is there no way to do that within the Planner app (seems a bit ridiculous if we can't as all plans have key dates)