Invitation to join iPlanner and Planner Yammer community

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This is an invitation rom iGlobe to Office 365 Planner and iPlanner users. On several occasions, we have been asked to start an iPlanner and Planner community. After having released the final Add-in in the iPlanner Business Collection;

  • iPlanner Pro add-in for Outlook
  • iPlanner add-in for Excel – Planner reporting tool.
  • iPlanner app part for SharePoint Online (using the new SharePoint Framework)

We have decided that it is time now and has started  the iPlanner and Planner Yammer community . We will also very much like to get feedback on the standard Office 365 Planner.


You will get iPlanner updates, release updates and service updates. We will also keep you updated with news in the standard Office 365 Planner. We encourage all our users to participate and help us improve the three add-ins. Innovative ideas, errors or any other issues you might be facing.


  • How are you using it?
  • Great Ideas for improvements
  • Error
  • etc

We will use this to try to push Microsoft to continue improving the Planner.

Should any be interested in joining, or do you have any questions, please contact,


 iPlanner & Planner communityiPlanner & Planner community


I am posting in this community because we have many iPlanner users on the free version. We don’t have any information on these users but we want to reach out to them as well.

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